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2nd, 8th(terry’s texas rangers)& 12th texas cavalry (see main description for history and battle honours)

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The 2nd cavalry regiment was formed as the 2nd mounted rifles in the spring of 1861. Reorganized as the 2nd cavalry regiment in spring 1862, the unit would see service in the trans-mississippi theatre throughout the war.Battles: san lucas springs, mesila, san augustine springs, fort stanton, fort craig,, fort bliss, fort thorn, canada alamosa, camp robledo, fort inge, new mexico campaign, valvede, neuces river, galveston island, sabine pass.Flag is a smaller version of the 1st national flag widely adopted by cavalry command throughout the war.8th texas cavalry unit better known as terrys texas rangers were formed in september 1861 at houston, texas. They were to see service in the western theatre predominantly in general wheelers cavalry corps. Battles; woodsonville, shiloh, corinth campaign, elk river, forrests murfreesboro raid, capture of murfreesboro, chigamauga, chattanooga siege, knoxville siege, atlanta campaign atlanta siege, white river, browns mill, strawberry plains, saltville, carolinas campaign, kingston, bentonville.The 12th texas cavalry regiment also known as parsons texas cavalry because of its first colonel william h. Parsons. During its service it was also referred to as the 4th texas mounted dragoons. This policy of multiple names in the cavalry command was quite common especially within the trans-mississippi theatre.Battles: sercey, round hill, hughes ferry, little rock campaign, red river campaign.The flag of the 12th cavalry regiment is a variant of the bonnie blue flag. With a single white star on a blue background this type of flag was common especially in texas units. Although this particular flag carries unit designation, the bonnie blue flag had evolved from the texan state flag and, was popularized in war imagery and music with the confederate anthem the bonnie blue flag.