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9th virginia (see main description for battle honours)

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The 9th virginia, was formed on 7th july 1861 and, saw service in the eastern theatre as part of the army of northern virginia, throughout the war and, later service as part of picketts divisionbattles: seven pines, seven days battles, malvern hill, second bull run, south mountain, antietam, shepherdstown ford, fredericksburg, suffolk campaign, gettysburg, chester station, drewrys bluff, north anna, cold harbour, petersburg siege, five forks, saylors creek, appomattox court house. Army of northern virginia type battleflag. The original flag was captured at the battle of gettysburg. The unit was issued a later pattern battleflag after gettysburg and, this in turn was captured at five forks. Both flags now reside in the museum of the confederacy, richmond virginia.