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18th carolina heavy artillery (see main description for battle honours)

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18th south carolina heavy artillery battalionorganized in south carolina with three independent light artillery companies in may 1862. Converted to heavy artillery service during mid 1862 the unit would see service within the department of south carolina, the battalion was also known as the south carolina siege train.Battles: charleston harbor, legerville, carolinas campaign.The flag is a south carolina state variant with the crescent moon and, palmetto tree on a dark blue field. It is of a similar design to that of the 1st south carolina rifle regiment orrs rifles.18th south carolina heavy artillery battalion company c organized prior to july 1863 the unit would see service in the eastern theatre with the department of south carolina and, the army of northern virginia. Battles: charleston harbor, petersburg siege, 2nd fort harrison, 1st squirrel level road, jones farm, 1st pegrams farm, harman road, five forks, petersburg final siege, appomattox court house.The flag is a south carolina state variant with a single red star, representing south carolina and, a palmetto tree on a white field.Flags associated with the 18th heavy artillery battalion are held in the south carolina relic room, charleston, south carolina.