ACC 181


Stuart’s horse artillery & hampton’s legion washington artillery (see main description for battle honours)

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Organized as the newton artillery battery in 1861 converted to horse artillery service in november 1861, the battery would see exclusive service in the eastern theatre with the cavalry corps, of the army of northern virginia. Battles: stuarts 1st ride around mcclelland, seven days battles, gaines mill, operation against james river shipping, 2nd bull run, antietam, union, fredericksburg, raid on dumfries & fairfax station, kellys ford, chancellorsviile, brandy station, aldie, hanover pennsylvania, carlisle, gettysburg, funkstown & boonsbourgh, bristoe campaign, near brandy station, mine run, standardsville shady grove, cold harbour, trevelian station cold harbour, petersburg siege, toms brook, cedar creek, appomattox court house.Second pattern battleflag with patriotic slogan and, inverted cannons. Red & white battery guidon inscribed with south carolina washington artillery named imagery the flags associated with both batteries. Other batteries of the stuart artillery battalion such as lurtys battery are held within the museum of the confederacy, richmond virginia.