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9th formerly 5th kentucky (see main description for battle honours)

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9th kentucky (formally the 5th ) infantryunit formed in october 1861 service with army of tennessee.Battles: shiloh, corinth, vicksburg bombardments, baton rouge, hartsville, murfreesboro, jackson siege, chigamauga, chattanooga siege, atlanta campaign, rocky face ridge, resaca, new hope church, dallas, kennesaw mountain, peach tree creek, atlanta siege, utoy creek, jonesboro, savannah campaign, carolinas campaign.Hardee type battle flag, with unit designation covering original naming of unit before renamed the unit the ninth kentucky infantry regiment in january 1862 by of the confederate authorities hardee type battleflag with unit designation and battle honours, issued to unit prior to the battle of shiloh 6th april 1962.