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General ulysses simpson grant 1822-1885(see main description for short history)

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Appointed to the academy of west point from ohio, ulysses simpson grant graduated in 1843. He was 21st in his class of thirty nine graduates and pasted to the 4th infantry. During the campaigns in mexico grant served as regimental quartermaster but led a company in operations winning to brevet promotion for molino del ray and, chapultepec. Despite his promotion to captain, grant suffered from separation from his wife in post war mexico which may have led to bouts of heavy drinking and forcing his resignation in 1854.. His resignation led to a string of unsuccessful business ventures as a real estate agent, a laborer, and a county engineer and, perhaps most famously a position as a clerk in the family leather goods store in galena, ohio. The outbreak of war brought grant an opportunity to offer his services to the war department and, to general george mcclellan in the state of ohio. Although meeting with no success with mcclellan, grant was to muster in local volunteers until helped by congressman elihu b. Washburne. This help gave grant a post in the, newly formed union army. His posts during the war would include; colonel 21st illinois (june 17th 1861), brigadier general usv (appointed may 17th 1861), commanding district of ironton, western department (august 8th 21st 1861), commanding u.S. Forces jefferson city, western department (august 21st 28th 1861), commanding post of cape giradeau, western department (august 30th 1st september), commanding district of southeast missouri, western department (september 1st september 9th november 1861), commanding district of southeast missouri, department of the missouri (november 9th 23rd december 1861) commanding district of cairo, department of the missouri (23rd december 21st february 1862), major general usv, appointed 16th february 1862, commanding district of west tennessee, department of the mississippi, (march 11th- 29th april & june 10th 16th october 1862), commanding army & department of the tennessee, (october 16th – 18th december 1862), major general u.S. Army 4th july 1863), commanding military district of the mississippi, (18th october 18th march 1864), lieutenant general u.S. Army (2nd march 1864). Grant was to hold other administrative posts in the post war government before being made commander in chief in late 1864. He was elected president of the united states in 1869 a position he held until march 1877. General grant fought in commands in the western and, eastern theatres his sense of practical necessity and tactical ability made grant a formidable opponent. He died of throat cancer on 23rd july 1885.