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Pennsylvanian cavalry

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With state legislature of may 16th 1861 the state of pennsylvania issued flags to cavalry regiments as they mustered into state service. Following the united states pattern for cavalry flags, the national guidon follows exactly to that pattern the only difference is regimental designation. As to the regimental flag this is a square type with a dark blue field, edged with a gold fringe bears the state arms of pennsylvania and is surmounted with red scrolls bearing gold stencil, with regimental designation. The company guidon again follows the u. S. Pattern but differs with the state arms upon the upper red portion of the flag. The company designation appears in the form of a letter in red stencil. Although other similar examples appear with the company designation lettered in gold. Many examples of pennsylvanian cavalry flags are held in, the civil war flag collection at the state museum in harrisburg, pennsylvania.