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88th new york 2nd reg. Irish brigade (see main description for battle honours)

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Organized at fort schuyler, n.Y., and left state for washington, d.C., december 16, 1861. Attached to meagher’s brigade, sumner’s division, army of the potomac, to march, 1862. Meagher’s 2nd brigade, richardson’s 1st division, 2nd army corps, army of the potomac, to may, 1862. 2nd brigade, 1st division, 2nd army corps, to june, 1864. Consolidated brigade, 1st division, 2nd army corps, to november, 1864. 2nd brigade, 1st division, 2nd army corps, to june, 1865.Battles: duty in the defences of washington, d. C., till march, 1862. Advance on manassas, virginia., march 10-15. Ordered to the peninsula, virginia, siege of yorktown, fair oaks or seven pines may 31-june 1, seven days before richmond june 25-july 1, gaines mill, peach orchard and savage station june 29, white oak swamp, glendale, malvern hill, harrison’s landing till august 16, movement to fortress monroe, thence to alexandria and centreville august 16-30, maryland campaign september 6-22, antietam, moved to harper’s ferry, w. Virginia, reconnaissance to charlestown october 16-17. Advance up loudoun valley and movement to falmouth october 29, fredericksburg. At falmouth till april 27, 1863, mud march, chancellorsviile campaign april 27-may 6, chancellorsviile, gettysburg (pa.) campaign june 11-july 24, gettysburg, pursuit of lee to manassas gap, duty on line of the rappahannock till october. Advance from the rappahannock to the rapidan september 13-17. Bristoe campaign october 9-22. Auburn and bristoe october 14. Advance to line of the rappahannock november 7-8. Mine run campaign november 26-december 2. Mine run. Duty at stevensburg till may, 1864. Demonstration on the rapidan february 6-7. Campaign from the rapidan to the james may 3-june 15. Battles of the wilderness may 5-7; spotsylvania, po river, spotsylvania court house, bloody angle, north anna river, on line of the pamunkey may 26-28. Totopotomy, cold harbour, before petersburg june 16-18, siege of petersburg june 16, 1864, to april 2, 1865, jerusalem plank road, demonstration north of the james july 27-29, deep bottom july 27-28, strawberry plains, deep bottom, ream’s station, boydton plank road, hatcher’s run, reconnaissance to hatcher’s run, dabney’s mills, hatcher’s run, february 5-7, 1865. Watkins’ house march 25. Appomattox campaign march 28-april 9. Hatcher’s run or boydton road march, white oak road, sutherland station and fall of petersburg april 2. Sailor’s creek, farmville, appomattox court house. Regiment lost during service 15 officers and 136 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 officers and 69 enlisted men by disease. A total of 223 men. The flags of the 88th are identical to that of the 63rd and, 69th new york infantry regiments in that, they adopt the standard pattern flag of new york state in respect, of the national flag. However the green regimental colour is unique for the irish brigade and, this organization of flags are not replicated in any other eastern formation. Based on a green silk field the flag is adorned with examples of irish symbolism such as harps and shamrocks. The unit designation appears on a red scroll. With the motto who have never retreated from clash of spears” embroidered in gold and, written in gaelic upon a red scroll. Several examples of flags associated with regiments from the irish brigade are held within the state collections in albany, new york. A single example of a green regimental flag was donated to the irish government by president john f. Kennedy during his term of office.