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New york state variant 1

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The national flag conforms to the known pattern of the civil war period. It carried 34 stars, as at the outbreak of the civil war (1861), president lincoln refused to remove the stars representing those states which seceded from the union. It carries seven red stripes and six white stripes, these were made of either silk or bunting. The flag would have borne regimental designation and, branch of service in gold stencil upon the fourth red stripe, in line with national regulationsthe state or regimental flag would have again followed national guidelines but with the state trappings of new york visible. Based on a blue field for infantry the flag would have the state arms of new york upon it, with the letters n.Y.S. M. ( new york state militia) embroidered in gold, underneath the state arms the regimental designation would also be displayed in gold mounted on a red scroll. The national and regimental flags were six foot in length and height and, they were attached to flag staffs bearing a gilt eagle.