ACU 29


22nd regiment us coloured troops (see main description for battle honours)

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Organized at philadelphia, pennsylvania on january 10-29, 1864. Ordered to yorktown, virginia, january, 1864. Attached to u.S. Forces, at yorktown, virginia. Posted to department of virginia and north carolina, to april, 1864. Posted t, o1st brigade, hincks’ division (colored), 18th corps, army of the james, to june, 1864. 1st brigade, 3rd division, 18th corps, june, 1864. 2nd brigade, 3rd division, 18th corps, to august, 1864, 1st brigade, 3rd division, 18th corps, august, 1864. 1st brigade, 3rd division, 10th corps, to september, 1864. 1st brigade, 3rd division, 18th corps, to december, 1864. 1st brigade, 3rd division, 25th corps, december, 1864. 1st brigade, 1st division, 25th corps, and dept. Of texas, to october, 1865.Battles: duty near yorktown, virginia., till may, 1864. Expedition to king and queen county march 9-12, butler’s operations south of james river and against petersburg and richmond may 4-june 15, duty at wilson’s wharf, james river, protecting supply transports, then constructing works near fort powhatan till june, attack on fort powhatan may 21, before petersburg june 15-18, siege operations against petersburg and richmond june 16, 1864, to april 2, 1865, deep bottom, dutch gap, demonstration north of the james river september 28-30, chaffin’s farm, new market heights, fort harrison, fair oaks, chaffin’s farm, november 4. In trenches before richmond till april, 1865, occupation of richmond april 3. Moved to washington, d.C., and participated in the obsequies of president lincoln, and afterwards to eastern shore of maryland and along lower potomac in pursuit of the assassins, rejoined corps may, 1865. Moved to texas may 24-june 6, duty along the rio grande till october, 1865, mustered out october 16, 1865. Regiment lost during service 2 officers and 70 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 officer and 144 enlisted men by disease, giving the unit a total loss of 217 men in service. The flags carried by colored troops appear to follow the conformed pattern of union flags. This is specifically noted in the national flags of u.S.C.T. Units. Regimental designations being usually applied to the seventh bar of the flag with the letters stencil with gold paint, in old english script, and in some cases surrounded with a gold wreath. The regimental colour is highly decorated with the national arms on the reserve and, on the observe a black solidier bayonets a confederate soldier. The motto, sic semper tyrannis! Such to tyrants appears upon the flag as well as regimental designation. This flag is highly decorated and paid for by the state authorities in pennsylvania. The flags today are housed in the civil war flag collection at the state museum in harrisburg,