Pennsylvanian infantry (see main description)

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Throughout the civil war a concentrated effort to equip pennsylvanian units with a standard pattern of national and, regimental flags. This effort would come to the fore with flags being made by two manufactures. These flags made by horstmann and, evans & hassall both of philadelphia. Each national flag followed the known pattern of the stars & stripes; however the flags were to bear a painted state seal in the canton. The arrangement of stars was to differ slightly between evans & hassall flags and horstmann flags. Both manufacturers adorned their flags with a slight difference such as reg p.V. Penna vols and other slight variations as well as their regimental number. The regimental or state flag would follow the same pattern during the war. A dark blue field with the state seal on the observe and, the national arms on the reverse. Unit designation appears on a gold scroll in red (or black) paint