19th indiana regiment (see main description for battle honours)

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Organized at indianapolis, indiana and, mustered into service on july 29, 1861. Left state for washington, d.C., august 1861. Later field consolidation with the 20th indiana infantry regiment, from october 18th 1864. The unit was to see service in the eastern theatre.Battles: affair at lewinsville, reconnaissance to advance on manassas, pope’s campaign, sulphur springs, groveton, maryland campaign, south mountain, antietam, fredericksburg,. Burnside’s 2nd campaign (“mud march,”), chancellorsviile campaign, pollock’s mill creek, chancellorsviile, expedition to westmoreland county, gettysburg campaign, gettysburg, bristoe campaign, mine run campaign, wilderness, laurel hill, spotsylvania, spotsylvania court house, jericho ford, cold harbour, bethesda church, siege of petersburg.Regiment lost during service 5 officers and 194 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 officer and 116 enlisted men by disease, a total loss of 316.The unit flags are standard with other indiana units. Although these examples were of the type issued to the unit in the early war period. The national flag has neither designation or honours upon it. The regimental flag is adorned with a small national emblem and, unit designation in gold script set on a dark blue field. The original flags are held in the collection of the indiana state museum at indianapolis.